Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy Bumblebee

Gah sorry my posting has been somewhat crap lately, I'm moving on saturday and so I've been super busy organising that stuff and I'm generally exhausted after work lately.

So here are some pics I took at work when I was bored; hope they make up for it at least a little :P

My legs at work yesterday wearing Black Milk Cathedrals. Sooo pretty! I think they'll do well in the city of churches!

My legs today wearing Black Milk Big Blood Splatters! I'm still wearing them. One of my work mates kept calling me Dexter :P I can't wait to take these babies out to a Zombie Walk! I was actually quite surprised to find that they didn't look unflattering.

And a paper snowflake I made at work during all the times the computer froze; it was an unproductive day.

So once I get to melbz I should have plenty of time for photos hopefully!

Anyway gotta get back to packing (or...watching American Pickers :P)

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


1 comment:

  1. Wait .. yellow snow before being urinated on? o_0

    Oooh, that pants definitely WOULD make an interesting and fitting selection to a Zombie Walk (or Apocalypse!) outfit.