Friday, August 5, 2011

A Goth Blogging Community Compilation

I don't know if anyone has suggested this idea before, but I thought it might be a neat idea. What if all us blogging gothie types out there organised some sort of compilation playlist that could be published in the iTunes store? I thought it might be a cheaper/no-cost-at-all option as opposed to actually working out copyright and what not for physical CDs.

I thought perhaps everyone could suggest a band or maybe a particular song, then a little committee of us could slim this list of suggested options down and then there could be a poll to determine the most popular tracks. I just thought it might be a nice option for babybats who aren't really familiar with a lot of the music out their in our community and so we could give them a taste of a wide variety of bands and genres. Just an idea. *shrug*

What do you guys think of it?

The actual publishing of the playlist isn't complicated; here's a tutorial.


  1. Oeh I like the idea!
    I was also thinking to make some kind of .. dunno 'thing' (a page or something?) for all goth-bloggers, I've seen that many have the same followers & that we 'know each' other from our blogs.

  2. Maybe I should blog about it! I'm sure I'm messing some hells of a blog which my followers follow :o

  3. Omg, that's such a good idea! I'm in!

    Also, Laura, I love your idea too!

  4. @Dr. Cult

    How have I not seen your blogs before? o.O

    *madly follows

  5. @Dalestair: That's now exactly what I mean! I'm thinking on how I'm going to fix this idea. Going to blog about it soon!

  6. I also think both ideas are great ideas.

  7. That's an awesome idea Steph! Definitely caught my attention. I'll have to blog about it myself and see what people have to say.

    I don't really use iTunes, so .. do you know if you can buy a playlist, or does it have to come from an album? If you can purchase a playlist I wouldn't mind playing the playlist on my show and dedicating it to you all? Just a suggestion.

    I like the idea of all of us coming together on a page, like Dr. Cult suggested.

    Hugs from America.

  8. This idea is perfect! Both are. I think it really would be great. Heck, we could even put a crash course page together; Music, fashion, lifestyle, a perfect 101. If you think about it, together all of our blogs give you a great idea of what Goth is all about, and though Gothic charm school is great, wouldn't it be nice if there was a place that had information for days? About everything? That was applicable to people all over the world?
    And it had Links to other blogs so babybats could find their style and what really interests them?

  9. This is all very exciting, isn't it!?

    Good to see everyone getting on board. I think a crash course page is an excellent idea, boots. :) A world wide collective knowledge - For Goths, By Goths!

  10. @Boots: I'm working on something like that!

  11. Great blog! I just wanted to drop in and comment that If I Only Were A Goth is not by Voltaire, but is by the band ThouShaltNot, from their 2002 EP You'll Wake Up Yesterday.

    Voltaire has repeatedly mentioned that he did not write (nor has he ever sung) the song. There is, simply put, no Voltaire release on which this song has ever appeared. This is a mistagging that occurred due to peer-to-peer piracy.

    Here's a link where this is discussed:

    and here's the Amazon page where you can buy the song:

    Hope this helps!

  12. Geez now I feel like such a n00b :/ Thanks I'll edit my FAQ