Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Wolf Smiling At Your Pretty Pink Door

I got my pair of Jeffrey Campbell back off's today and so I thought I'd take a few pics with my latest black milk purchases. They came in this awesome box! The answers to the crossword is on the bottom of the inside of the box.

Nevermind the derp face

Black Milk is also re-opening *again* :P on thursday. I'm hoping to get a pair of Matrixes. *crosses fingers*

Also, bought this today ^_^


Also, who else is in Pottermore? I got in last night. I'm Marauderfirebolt161 :D

Anyway that's about all

oh and sorry if my blogging gets a bit shit over the next few weeks. I move very soon and also our company at work just got taken over by a big corporation >.< So yeah, mega busy.

Love you guys!

The Green Fairy


Oh and vote in my poll please guys! Thaaanks!


  1. Those leggings are like, wow. Galaxy pants are awesome.

  2. Those are really cool leggings! The galaxy print is awesome!

  3. I'm Wolfcat143

    i'm very excited about Pottermore :)