Thursday, August 25, 2011

Outfit Contest and Other Bits and Bobs

Hello my fellow darklings!

Today was a bit of a hectic day as it was my birthday! I turned 22 today, ergh I feel so old!

So my day started off with breakfast with my family in which I received a song and a bag of goodies!

Ellie and the newbie <3 (Was thinking of calling him elf...?)

In this photo you can see two elephants (yes they're elephants :P). The one of the left is Ellie (you might have seen me mention her before ^_^) and on the right is the new blue elephant mum and dad got me. He's a companion for Ellie whilst I'm at work in Melbourne apparently; isn't that cute?! ^_^ I also scored me some moneysss towards savings (or blackmilk >.> hehe)

Photo of my new iphone...Taken with my old iphone

I also got my new phone today, hurrah! So that is why all my photos today are not the usual SLR quality :P So without further ado, here is my outfit contest submission for The 'Goth and More' Blogging Community facebook group! I wore this today to work and lunch with my mum and friend Rosemary.

Epic forehead shot there Fairy... >.<

Matrix leggings (<3): Black Milk
Green trim bolero: Gallery Serpentine
Gold ribcage singlet top: Black Victory
Black satin jabot: Fanplusfriend
Octopus cameo: Tentacle Threads
Facinator: Madame Pompadour's

Hope you likey :D

Anyway, I'm off to eat some mudcake! Yummmm

Over and out

The Green Fairy



  1. Me likey!

    I must get my hands on that ribcage top. And the fascinator. And the leggings. And everything else you're wearing. Damn, I need more money.

  2. Omg, such a great outfit! Stunning, I'm jealous of everything you're wearing.

  3. Steph!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, once again. I must ask, how do you get your hair like that? I've been trying to do something similar for AGES... and have failed miserably. xx

  4. Xanthy: Thankies :D

    Hehe, everything I'm wearing i in my top 10 favourite wardrobe items ^_^
    Money is probably the one good thing about getting old; but hold on to your youthhh! <3

    Catacombkitten: Oh sp'ankya! ;)

    Dalestair: Thankkk youu! ^_^ Lots of backcombing! Maybe I should do a tutorial? For the quif or the deathhawk?

  5. Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous, but you made me feel a little old. I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I'm 25. But you do look amazing. I hope this year is your best one yet!

  6. Angelwhisper: Oh I don't think you're old at all, I guess I just feel heaps older because I'm the eldest of my friends >.> And also I'm a bit immature :P

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Your green hair is stunning!

  8. I love the outfit, the hair, and the lack of eyebrows. So much.

  9. @Gracie: Yeah he's cute, and soft! But, Ellie is still my baby :P

    @Fatally Yours: Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Aww thanks *blushes*

    @Ashlee: Haha thanks so much! I forget sometimes about drawing on my eyebrows 'cause I'm so used to never having them. Btw they are there, you can't can't see them in the pictures because they're super light. Even I have to use my magnifying mirror to see them :P