Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview With a Goth - Tenebris In Lux

Name? Kati

Goth alias? Tenebris In Lux.

Age? Anywhere from 15 - 19 years.

Relationship status? In a relationship.

Where are you hailing from? Small house in America. Meh.

Favourite author and book? That's a tough one. I don't really have a favorite book, but I have favorites, so I think I'll list some authors. I'm really into the short story genre, so we have some Stephen King, Vivian Vande Velde, etc. We also have the amazing H. P. Lovecraft and Anne Rice. But as far as poetry, I go to classics like Lord Byron, Poe, Keats, (Emily) Dickinson, Baudelaire, and even Maya Angelou.

What is your favourite band, song and movie? Out of all the bands I know, picking a favorite was always seen as a small inconvenience, something that I didn't need to do. But I do have a favorite band: that would be Agalloch. My favorite song changes so much, I dare you to see if it stays the same after next year! But right now, it's Where I'm Going by Cut Copy, but a common earbug at the moment would be Breaking The Girl by the Red Hot Chill Peppers (don't laugh, I guess it's one of those clingy summery songs). And as far as movies .. I don't exactly have a favorite movie. And the ones I like are cheesy, or so many people think!

If you were only allowed to use one cosmetic for the rest of your life what would it be? Black mascara, because it's the only cosmetic I own at the moment!

List 3 things we’d find in your handbag/backpack if we opened it now: \my "work" binder (contains notes full of bands I need to check out, future concerts, radio show plans), a bike lock, and a sturdy small black umbrella.

Are there any things you never leave the house without? Sunscreen.

Favourite season? Autumn. Probably not because I was born in autumn (well .. technically my birthday is a few days short of September 21st!), but where I live .. there are a lot of fairs and celebrations due to harvests and whatnot. Fun stuff. I highly recommend the experience of picking your own pumpkins and apples, eating local brats and other meat, as well as looking at farm animals! It's still magical for me.

In your opinion what colour looks best on you? I would say black, but I adventure a little more than that. I like to practice androgyny (I am a female who doesn't really embrace the female look), so you will find more "masculine" colors, too: navy blues, browns, dark greens, greys, reds, and even some deep violent colors.

What subgenre of goth do you think you fit into/ have you created your own? I started out as a *gasp* metalhead (person who enjoys metal music), but I've ventured into a casual, GothRocker look with an eensy amount of Industrial, as well as some GrungeGoth. I experiment!

Where would we find you on a Saturday evening? Either of the following: local coffee shop, cemetery, book store, record/vinyl/CD/music store, used book store, antique store, bike trail, someone's house, or just stuck in my own room.

Discovered any good goth-related websites lately and care to share them? Sure! Here are a few:

Anything in particular you’re into at the mo’? David Bowie's amazing The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust album, comedies done by Noel Fielding, The Mighty Boosh, and campaigns to save the wolves of America and campaigns to save the bats of America.

Best live band performance you’ve seen? I've only been to one concert *shame* but it was really good. You guys probably aren't super enthusiastic about punk music, but I could be wrong! The headlining band that played was called The Frantic, and I was able to meet their singer and drummer. The best part would be that I might -- most likely! -- will interview them on my radio show.

Like to share an interesting fact about yourself? I know 2,000+ bands. This isn't new news if you have been following me already.

Favourite piece of clothing you own? Probably my grey jeans. I know, sounds strange, but I've owned black slacks for as long as I remembered, so grey jeans are kind of refreshing. I own two pairs currently.

Favourite accessory? My DIY hats! Preferably my DIY top hat and DIY fedora hat ^^

Any bodymods? Only my ear lobes, but I'm aiming to get my eyebrows pierced sometime soon, maybe more ear piercings. Tattoos are also likely in the future.

Biggest pet peeve about the goth scene? Arguing about what music is "real" music as far as Goth. A lot of the earlier bands that got the scene started were post punk, not Goth. But it's seen as hypocritical (to some) when a Goth gets really popular and makes non-Goth music?

If you had the chance to meet any one in human history who would it be? That's tough. Um .. maybe one of the poets I mentioned, one that is no longer with us? I can't think of just one .. this is a tricky question!

Any parting comments? If you are still interested in the nature of me, you can check me out on my blog:

I help with music recommendations, so if you give me some background as to what music you like, I can most certainly try! Not that many people have offered suggestions themselves, but I do take those. Bands that are smaller or aren't on a label get more attention from me. My show is mediocre, yes, but I have a steady fan base considering I have a show that's now a year old! Word spreads quickly, especially if it is a favorite underground radio. Sadly, I do not give out the radio station's name due to how it would give away my location, but here are some logged songs:

Stay original, stay spooky!

-- Tenebris In Lux

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