Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kick the Crypt and Baby Walk With Me

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is well and I'd like to extend a welcome to my new followers! *waves*

Anyway, on with today's post;

Not too long ago I discovered the blog of a lovely Swedish lady, Angelica! Her blog, Murderotic is a tribute to the young goth's life and I find it rather interesting! Angelica is very pretty and I adore her style.

Anyway, it was a few particular posts recently that caught my eye and Angelica was nice enough to let me repost some of the pictures from them. This Swedish lass recently attended a zombie walk in her local area and her look is to die for! (literally :P)

So after being lucky enough to snag one of the last pairs of Black Milk's blood splatters last week and then seeing these amazing pictures; well, you can imagine my already passionate love of Zombies was re-ignited!

Black Milk's Big Blood Splatters

Photo: Daniel Ahlberg

Photo: Daniel Ahlberg

Photo: Daniel Ahlberg

Photo: Daniel Nordin

Absolutely love it! She's so gorgeous!

I'm now really fired up to try some sort of zombie look! I've done such looks before but never using liquid latex to make wounds or anything that detailed. Anyone with any skills in the area wanna give me some tips or if anyone knows of some good tutorials I'd love to check them out!

On another note, my birthday is on Thursday and I wanna dress up all pretty-like for work..I dunno what to wear! I'm thinking maybe my new drape skirt I bought second hand recently off the lovely Anneliese of Tentacle Threads! But then again...Matrix leggings...>.>

Bah it's not important I guess...Ergh and I'm really freaked out about turning 22 :/ It seems so old!

Anywaysss over and out darklings!

The Green Fairy



  1. What, she's swedish and I didn't know about her! Thanks for your tip!
    So you're 22 and feels old. Wait til you're 37 as I am and see how the face is changing :(. Actually I didn't feel old until I went ...37 ;). Enjoy your youth as long as it's lasts :)

  2. Wow, she's gorgeous *checks out blog*
    That outfit/makeup is so freaking cool.
    Happy birthday, it's Thursday! Wheee!