Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Goth Challenge - Day 12

What's your gothic inspiration?

Long before this Green Fairy emerged from her tomboy shell, she always kept a strong love of anything Victoriana close to her black (and green!) little heart.

And I still do! It doesn't have to be goth in any facet, but anything from that fundementally-romantic era of human history incites such wistful longing in me and slight regret that I had to be born about a hundred and fifty years too late.

That's not to say that I'm not ridiculously grateful for flushing toilets, sanitary pads and women's suffrage!

Furthermore I don't know if this one needs o be said, but I guess I'm gonna say it anyway;

The Green Fairy

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Malevolent, mysterious and green-hued; everything I aim for.

As for individuals...Well, where better to start then..

In the beginning, goth created ...

Wednesday 13 and Piggy D. (musician) (musician, designer)

(From left to right) Kid Kid, Piggy D., Wednesday 13 and Ghastly
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Old school zombie flick music videos, sexy boys wearing make up, corny lyrics and bouncy tunes I like to call rockhorrorpop. What more could a budding babybat want I ask you?

Tarja Turunen (musician)

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Oldskool Nightwish ftw

Nowadays I branched out into...

Emilie Autumn (musician/designer/author/model)

Image via

Antoinette Johnson (model)

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G.D. Falksen (academic/model/personality)

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Damn this man is talented, and so handsome. I'd toss my 'no-marriage-for-me' policy out the window in an instant for this man.

Ciewen Noor - Jenni Wimmerstedt (model/stylist)

Image via Jenni's facebook page

It took me the longest time to choose a picture of Jenni for this post, because I'm currently so in love with her look. She's so amazing...Most of my extravagant make up is inspired by her...

Robert Browning (poet)

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I'm of the opinion that if you've never read any Robert Browning, you haven't lived. My favourites and two of his most famous works are 'The Laboratory' and 'Porphyria's Lover'. Read them. Now.

Adora Batbrat (model/personality/stylist/designer)

Image via Adora's blog.

It's pretty much at that stage where whether or not you like the lovely Mrs Batbrat, if you're goth you're gonna have to have heard of her at one stage or another...

Anachronaut (designer/model)

Image via Google

Dayum...He makes beautiful clothes for plays, and also awesome steampunk hairfalls. I want some.

Pyr (model)

Image via Google.

Amelia Arsenic (musician/model/designer/stylist)

Image via Destroy-X

Angelspit's frontwoman and one of the most flawlessly beautiful women I've ever laid eyes upon.

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