Friday, August 12, 2011

The Goth Challenge - Day 4

Name a stereotype or cliché you can relate to.

Well, number one would have to be...Ta da!

1. Absinthe

I mean, I am the Green Fairy after all ;) However I'm kind'a the biggest hypercrite when it comes to Absinthe. See, I love the concept and romanticism behind the stuff...It's green it comes in pretty bottles, it makes you see fairies, it has a rather complex drinking style, some awesome historical figures used to drink it, it's extremely alcoholic...I could go on..

But see, I don't actually like the taste of aniseed. *headdesk* I wish I did, and I continue to bombard myself with the flavour whenever and wherever I can (I keep my absinthe lipbalm and candies with me at all times) but unfortunately my body has yet to conform to my wishes :(

2. I can be counted on to be in love the antagonist of most stories..

Need I say more?

3. Vampires

Don't have the same fervour for them now as I used to, (I blame Twilight for ruining everything) there was a time when this little Green Fairy was obsessed with those little blood suckers. I've read pretty much anything Anne Rice has written (multiple times) and I even dissected 'The Vampire Lestat' as part of one of my texts for the HSC (along with a Cradle of Filth song, poetry by Byron, Browning and Keats and a Star Trek film - I'm sure they regret giving me the option of picking my own texts :P) I can also quote the entirety of 'The Queen of the Damned' film...word for freakin' word. >.<

I only ever drank grape juice when I was a kid because I felt like I was emulating my mother who was always drinking (very gross dry) red wines, but when this vampire obsession began it changed from me emulating my mother to me emulating my beloved Lestat De Lioncourt.

But seriously, what's not to love? The vampires I immersed myself in looked as though they'd minutes before been carved from the purest white marble, their crimson lips stained with the blood of their last victim, eyes that shone with the knowledge of eras past and adorning their Adonis-like statues were the finest fashions of a time when people really knew what style was.

You can understand why I might have been a wee bit smitten when I found creatures that haunted the night and encompassed everything I'd ever found pleasant in history.

But now - we have the Stephanie Meyer vampires who have shattered my childhood idols and almost sicken me when I think about how much time I devoted to adoring them.

Thanks Stephanie Meyer...Bitch..

4. Speaking of Poetry...

Yeah, I love poetry from the 19th century. It's pretty much name it and I've read everything they've ever written. I studied the Romantics in ext. English at school and have never looked back. I also took poetry at uni and so I was lucky enough to score me a textbook with Bible-esque tissue paper thin pages full of all kinds of famous poets' works that's about a brick and a half thick. It is my poetry bible. I could probably just get rid of all my other books on the subject now.

Here are some of the poets I keep close to my heart:

Robert Browning

Annddd I could go on forever but I'll cap it there.

5. Spiders...and more

Although I've never been one to adorn myself with spiders or bats or what not in my wardrobe (I find it a bit tacky), I absolutely loooveee the creatures in real life. I was a bit of a cruel child, the type you'd find sitting outside on the back veranda at our old house catching bugs and putting them in spider webs just so I could see the illustrious creatures emerge from their little dwellings to devour the innocent little bugs. I seem to have this equal feeling of fascination and terror when I see an exotic spider.

I have very vivid memories as a child when my parents took me to a spider exhibition at a museum in Sydney (I think they wanted me to be able to learn about them but without the chance I'd be bitten like at I was obsessed with Alice Cooper's 'The Black Widow' song at this time). It was probably one of the best times of my childhood life (only rivalled by another exhibition they took me to that was Star Trek themed :D) aaaand I got to hold a tarantula! It was freakin' awesome.

And not to mention snakes...I used to pretend I could speak parseltongue :P Plus we've had several pet snakes in my lifetime (RIP Salazar). I've never been afraid of them one iota and I've known how to bandage a snake bite wound from about the age of 8.

6. Braaaiiiiinnnzzzz...Err, I mean Zombies..

I love Zombies. I love zombie films, be they gorefests, b-graders, realistic rage-virus versions, Shaun of the Dead-esque or what. I love the idea of painting myself up to be skeletal, dousing myself in fake blood and running around trying to eat peoples' brains. I played (and was the second last to die!) in the first ever Australian game of Humans v.s Zombies and I just don't know how else to express my love of the little blighters.

7. Halloween

I've never participated in it, but I love the idea. It's the one thing I wish Australia would rip off from the rest of the world.

8. Satanism and Witchcraft

Well considering that the true meaning behind Satanism is humanity attempting to reach equal power with God; hell yeah I'm a Satanist. Because no one's god is more important than the life of another person...I mean, no one has ever murdered anyone in my name (that I know of :p)...

And as for witchcraft, well muggles I got my letter when I was 11 so nerrr :P *blows raspberry*

(I hope I'm not going to get abused for this one :P)


9. Brian Warner

I love Marilyn Manson, his music is fantastic (I like all of it even his most recent albums) and he's hilarious. He does everything just for the sake of getting publicity (because let's face it, it's getting harder and harder to do something outlandish nowadays) and the public plays right into his hands by telling him off for it. Any publicity is good publicity, duh.

I mean this isn't so much the case any more, because well...Mr Manson isn't in his prime an ymore, but yeah...Funny man. Very talented. Bit of a child. Love it.

10. Morbid...stuff

I read criminal files for a living practically and I spend my free time on sites like People You'll See In Hell. I love gorey details. Sometimes I worry about it, but mostly I don't :P

Hope this has been interesting at least a little, I'm home from work today because my back pain is so bad it made me puke :( I love my blog for distracting me <3

Also, woo only 3 weeks till I move to the big city! :D

Over and Out my lovelies

The Green Fairy




  2. No, it's not really celebrated in Australia. Although sometimes in the supermarkets they have pumpin toys and stuff around october. And I have seen some kids one year dressed up...But yeah, not really a thing here. :(

  3. It isn't in NZ either! Sucks :( We still have parties for it though. But the stores don't sell any cool spooky stuff.

    Forgo the lollies and drink the absinthe... sooo goood... I'm lucky I'm a freak and I like aniseed :) Although I find preparing it the traditional way the best way, I have also tried mixing absinthe in different concoctions, some of which are quite nice. You could try this - it would be less aniseed attack and more... well, whatever you put in it :) Experiment!

    Awesome list by the way.

  4. Yeah, but it seems to get a bit bigger every year; so hopefully one day..!

    Oh I do drink it, all the time. I just don't like it that much. I generally just drink it slightly watered down or with apple juice and mint. Either that or I shot it :P

    Thanks! :D <3

  5. Kudos! I'm a big fan of all the above as well though my Day 4 post was about Manson because its my biggest stereotype that I hear the most about