Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lack of a Better Name

Black Milk is having a little comp on it's facebook fanpage at the moment in which members post pics of themselves in BM leggings and any band t shirt with the best 5 photos winning a pair of Jellyfish Leggings. Here are my entries for today :)

Black Reptillians, Piggy D T-shirt and Jeffrey Campbell 'Back Off's

Black Reptillians, Piggy D T-shirt and Demonia stompy booties

Green Galaxies, Piggy D T-shirt

And the same as above but this photos has not been edited at all, as opposed to the other 3 that have been edited a lot :P


  1. Freaking awesome photos, those look great on you. I hope you win! I would enter if I owned a pair... when I have the money one day! I have been drooling over them for AGES. Le sigh.

  2. Thanks! :D Any ones in particular you have your eye on? I know the pain, I'm addicted to black badly

  3. Squee! Popup comments! I can comment now!!

    I love your boots in the first pic, I has a jealous. ;-) Good luck with the competition, I think you deserve to win as you have been fangirling BM since forever. ^^

  4. My gawd, that first picture .. definitely winner-worthy!

  5. I love these photos! the first is my favorite! =)

  6. Silly Amy I've had pop up comments for months :P But yay, I thought you just weren't interested in what I was saying :/

    I'm glad someone knows I'm not just a hipster bm fan :D I luurrvvee bm and I think I've finally got my hands on a pair of matrix leggings, the last one they ever made! eeeeeee!

    And thanks you guys, I'm glad you approve :D It was fun