Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Post

So I thought I'd do a quick post showing you guys my new bolero from Gallery Serpentine! I received it yesterday and planned on doing a post about it then but I had a horrible day yesterday and when I got home I just kind'a curled up in a ball and waited for American Pickers to come on before going to bed cuddling Ellie the Elephant my faithful bed companion since '89 very tightly. Sigh...Anyway, I'm feeling much better this evening thank goodness.

As for the bolero, I don't think it's for sale on their web store yet but it probably will be soon. Sorry the photos are so crap, but my camera battery was dead so I just used my phone.

These photos don't show nearly how awesome it is! I love it sooo much! It's trimmed with emerald taffeta and tulle around the back of the neck. I especially love the shape of the shoulders, very Victoriana; and it makes it appear like it's just the jacket that has big shoulders, not me :P

Also, I won a daily prize in the Clinique 2 week challenge! I got a Type one skin pack worth fifty bucks :D My skin has changed a lot since I've been using these products and just a heads up, my Illamasqua foundation is now very wearable! I have to prime like a bitch but I don't have random dry patches any more! Yay

I'm always tentative about doing weird little posts about things going on in my life because they seem boring to me, so yeah if it is don't be afraid to let me know :P


  1. I like learning about new things people are buying :) I personally love clothing shopping and like to see what others like too :)

  2. My Goddess- I wants that top! :) But maybe in an electric blue?

    I love your posts

  3. I love it, the ruffles really make it stand out. wayyyyy cute. =)