Sunday, July 3, 2011


So I have a real problem with being unable to stop myself from buying things. Today I spent whatever the Australian equivalent of around 45 pounds on make up. I was reading one of Adora Batbrat's more recent posts on what foundations she uses and someone commented mentioning Illamasqua. I'd never heard of the brand but I was impressed by their array of pale shades when it came to their foundations. So...yeah I bought their second lightest colour...I think it's 105; white with pink undertones. I always whiten my current foundation anyway with Manic Panic Virgin pressed powder so I wasn't too worried about getting anything too pale but then again I didn't wanna look like a Juggernaut or anything.

So when the package arrives in the post I will be the owner of a new bottle of Rich Liquid Foundation, Matte Primer and green false eyelashes >.>

Also whilst I was on their site I noticed they have a wide variety of lipstick shades. I um'd and ahh'd about whether to buy some but finally decided not to. I see so many of my fellow bloggers flaunting their lovely lipstick laden chops and sigh with envy. I you see, don't really think that lipstick suits me and my rather thin lips. So to my lipstick-loving lady's (and gents?) out there, I suggest it might be worth a peek.

Anyway that's about all I have to say this evening, I probably should head off to bed in order to get up early to begin the morning as a hard working corporate slave as Snog might put it :P

P.s. I'm watching Dangerous Liasons now and it may just be the best movie I've ever seen...Okay so I'm exaggerating a little but I'm so into Rococo right now and everyone's all nasty and deceitful and John Malcovich is being just delightful. And the costumes...Oh the costumes *froths* So yeah....Go watch it :P

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  1. I think we both need to cut ourselves off from the shopping part of the internet. :|