Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Because We Have Hair but Who Put Grandma Under the Stair?

A few little mentions today my lovelies, first of all welcome to my new followers! I have over 80 now and I'm absolutely thrilled! I never would have thought anyone would want to read about my life, but I must be doing something right and it's very humbling :).

Also, here's a cute little shot from the Peasant's ball following the Winter Magic festival a few weekends ago.

Furthermore, as some of you may have noticed from my last post; I'm a little obsessed with Rockabilly quiffs right now. I especially think it looks rather smashing with shaved sides of the head. It works on either sex in my opinion! (boys especially :P)

Here's a few pics I found through google (THESE ARE NOT MY IMAGES)


Also, a good friend of mine is over in the US at the moment (lucky bugger!) and is going to purchase me a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses; seeing as they're about $130 cheaper over there than they are here. I'm not really much of a brand whore normally, but I do have a thing for designer sunglasses; as I'm very sun-wise and they're simply so stylish! I've had my black wayfarers for several years now and I love them to bits. Originally when my friend and I were discussing which type to get before he gallivanted across the ocean I planned to get another pair of wayfarers. However after discovering the clubmasters I immediately changed my mind.

So soon these beauties will be mine! I'm so excited!

My new purchases from Fanplusfriend arrived today in the mail and I should do a post on those in the next few days. I can't wait for an event to wear my Rococo-style dress to! Unfortunately those will be my last purchases till I move to Melbourne in September as I HAVE to get serious about saving for my move. (Eeep I mean other than my new sunnies!) But seriously, get up me if I'm considering getting anything else. I'm gonna be destitute otherwise!

Lastly I'm really looking forward to my friend Adelle's 21st tomorrow evening as it's Harry Potter themed! Plus a few of us in the NSW Steampunk Crew are planning a dressed up outing to the Powerhouse museum this month. Of course I will be doing it on the cheap as much as I can, but it still should be good fun!

Anyway stay tuned for the aforementioned posts that are up and coming and of course the next instalment of 'Interview With a Goth' featuring Saskia of Graveyard Picnic!

Thanks everyone for reading!

The Green Fairy


p.s. I changed the comment format to a popup 'cause I read somewhere that people where having issues with blogger. Hope it helps :)

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