Monday, July 11, 2011

Shiv-R Up My Spine

So as some of you may know if you read Kitty's blog, I headed to Sydney this weekend to meet my fellow blogger, shop, party and generally have super fun times. I hopped on a bus around 11 on Friday morning and 6 and a half hours later I arrived in Sydney (ergh..). Thank you very much mother nature for making the trip so much longer and more complicated.

So once Kitty and I met up, we went to our hotel and got beautified before heading out to the fund-raising event; Motherland!

It was held at this lovely little Cabaret-style theatre called The Red Rattler, located in Marrickville. It really was a fantastic event, and I had a blast! It was hosted by Tentacle Threads, one of my favourite brands and Shiv-R was playing, fuck yeah! There was a bunch of peeps there I knew which was really nice because I don't get to see them all that often, and to top it all off...


The prize was a $50 gift voucher to Gallery Serpentine! I was apsolutely thrilled and put it towards an order the following day. I really hope to attend more events like that one in future! (Plus I made a few purchases at the Tentacle Threads stall whilst there as well as a Shiv-R shirt ^_^).

The following day Kitty and I headed on over to Newtown, first stop being at Gallery Serpentine.

I'm not sure how long it was that we spent there, but I can't say it was a short visit :p

Whilst there I put my gift voucher towards an order for a black bolero with tulle and emerald green taffeta trimming, bought a matching black lace parasol as my antique white one as well as putting a lay-by on the green Antoinette skirt pictured above. It's sooooo beautiful.

Kitty also made a few purchases there which I'm sure she'll want to discuss herself in her blog, including this giant purple 'Mad Hatter' top hat!

We then visited the Cat Protection Society and played with all the other kitties :P They were all sooooo cute! Meow :3 Wish I could've taken one home :(

Unfortunately our plans to go to the museum and aquarium (to see many-a-octopi) were interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances and I had to bid farewell to my fellow blogger early. I then trotted off to Leichardt to see Gracie and although we were both too tired to go out, we had a lovely night catching up and laughing with her house mates. It was really nice to see you Gravie!

Unfortunately my trip back home wasn't nearly as fun as the weekend. Bad weather meant the highway through the mountains was closed and meant myself along with all the other passengers were stranded. So just like my trip down, what is normally a 4 and a half hour drive to Sydney became an over 7 hour one. Needless to say, I'm not planning any bus/train trips over the mountains any time soon.

Anyways my lovelies, I'll do a post of my new additions to my wardrobe etc soon.

Over and out!

The Green Fairy



  1. Haha, good timez, good timez! :)

  2. Holy terrible photos of me, Batman!

    Except for my tophat. NEW FACEBOOK PHOTO ENGAGE. Would you mind if I used it for my blag post? I kind of was too busy shitting bricks to take any photos myself.

  3. Awesome. I know I'll be saving up for two things: trip to Australia, and some items from Gallery Serpentine. ^^