Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

I found this picture today whilst I was going through some old folders and I'm not sure why but I really really like it. I think I never posted it on facebook because mein Bruder; Philip, didn't want his family to see him smoking maybe :P So...hopefully he won't get mad at me posting it here.

What do you guys think?

Also, OH MY FREAKING GOTH; Czech this out

It made me really happy for some reason ^_^

Anyway that's all

much love my fellow bloggers!


  1. OMGOMG!

    I understand the feeling of having someone you see as somewhat famous posting on your stuff!

  2. I feel "!!!!!!!" over this too, as I saw that status. I read something and liked the comments on something adora batbrat read.

    If you think this is weird, you haven't heard anything about my encounters with The Space Cowboy yet.

  3. OH MY Adora likes your post,lucky girl!! I love Adoraa <3

  4. adoooraaa ^_^ hehehe
    and yes, I like the other photo a lot :D

  5. My my my, it's funny to think we're all real people and all, but that is still brilliant xD