Monday, July 25, 2011

Let Me Sleep (HP Spoilers?)

I'm just kind'a bnored at work and so this is what happens as a result. I'm wearing my Tentacle Threads ring today! :D


And here are some images of my hair when I went to see Harry Potter on Saturday. God, I was actually hysterical when I saw Lupin and Tonks. And Snape..Oh my love, my life. Now finally the non-HP nerds can understand why he is my favourite character.

I guess this works for Sophisticated Noir's theme? :P Sort'a.

Anyway better get back to work now... >.>


  1. Love the hair style you went with!!

    I do the same thing at work...haha

  2. Are you Slytherin? (The green and the Snape lead me to believe so.)

  3. Your hair looks lovely!
    Yay HP-nerds! I saw HP for the second time yesterday night, and cried my eyes out even more than the first time. The Prince's tale is simply done so well.

  4. @Allison: Thank you! ^_^ I am kinda obsessed with quiffs, but it took me until Saturday to realise that my new facinator would work well with this 'do.

    Haha I don't often get the chance at work 'cause I'm so busy, but I got back from lunch early and so yeah :P

    @Teresa:n Yes ma'am :D *wonders if she should post all the pictures from me dressed as a Slytherin from my childhood* :P I used to roleplay a lot when I was a kid and my character on the RPG I was on was a Slytherin Prefect :D I was so proud it was almost like I had become a prefect :P (nerd much :P)

    @Catacombkitten: Thank youuuuuuu :D It was the first one of the films I hadn't seen on the day it opened...But I just didn't want to see it...I mean, I know the series ended for me when the book came out was almost like the very last step once I'd seen it (not to mention putting off having to see my Snivellus being murdered :( )

    But I reacted much worse with Tonks and Lupin (I was actually shaking and wailing - it was a little ridiculous actually :P) I think it was because I was prepared for Snape's death, as I'd been comforting myself about it since the film was finished being made, but I guess I'd forgotten about having to see those two dead..*tear*)

    Wow, rant :P Sorry hehe.

  5. I haven't watched the last one yet, because I don't want it to end...

    I'm scared I might end up with post-potter depression.

  6. Snape is your favorite character???? Me tooo!!! His backstory is the cutest. story. EVER. I saw HP a little while ago, and I am actually planning a post about it. I'm glad I'm not the oly HP nerd in our blog circle.