Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motherland -Tentacle Threads Haul

So here are the items I purchased whilst Kitty and myself were at the fund-raising gig for Tentacle Threads. All these items were 50% off!

Cute little ring, kind'a candy-lolita esque?

A bow to indulge in my cephalopod obsession <3

This is the collar of my pvc bolero. Unfortunately it's a size 16, when it said on the price tag 18...But it still fits, just a little short in the arms >.< I really love the muertos sugar skull style button though!


A shout out to all my lovely followers in Europe!

One of Australia's very talented industrial artists Shiv-R are about to hit Europe! I have their first album 'Hold My Hand', their latest single 'Incision' and I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on their new album that isn't far from being released. I strongly urge you guys to see them if you like industrial and can get to one of their shows! I've had their album in my car's CD player ever since I scored it back in 2010. Plus Pete (Virul3nt) and his lovely wife Wendy are fucking awesome!

Shiv-R on Facebook
Shiv-R on Reverbnation
Shiv-R on Blogger

The Green Fairy


  1. .......okay, I need glasses. I couldn't see that that was a unicorn when you bought it. u.u;

  2. It's not a unicorn :P It's a carousel horse

  3. Wooow, I really like Shiv-R, thanks for sharing ^_^