Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Artwork of Rachel McLachlan

My first real encounter with Rachel McLachlan was at my first Shallow Nation in Sydney where I was lucky enough to win a few prizes in a fund raising raffle the event was running. One of these was an artwork commission for a portrait by the aforementioned talented illustrator; also known as Cold-Blooded-Angel.

The Certificate for the artwork

And this is Rachel's portrait of me!

Furthermore, Rachel has designed artwork for multiple events!


Under the Blue Moon!

As well as Shallow Nation, artwork for various DJs, and other prominent gothie types!

Interested in having a look at more of her artwork or possibly commissioning one of your own?

Cold-Blooded-Angel on Blogspot
Cold-Blooded-Angel on DeviantArt
Cold-Blooded-Angel on Facebook


  1. yay! *hugs* much love and thanks.

  2. That's cool :-)

    *checks out her blog and facebook*